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Posted: Apr 12 2018
by: Bold App

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Buying Boots Online – Get Your Size Right

It seems so simple, yet lots of people often trip up by incorrectly ordering the wrong size. So grab yourself a tape measure and follow our guide on how to correctly measure your feet. To better understand the differences between the different boots sizes available to buy in Australia, make sure you checkout our Understanding Australian Shoe Sizes guide too!

Understanding Australian Shoe Sizes

Buying Wide Fitting Boots Online in Australia

But wait – there's more! Did you know that your FOOT WIDTH is just as important as your shoe size? Many Australian online shoppers actually find that they have slightly wider feet and need some extra room to feel really comfy.

Buy comfortable shoes at The Shoe Link

If you find that you need a wider fit – you're not alone! Millions of Aussies cram their tortured tootsies into boots that are simply too narrow. As a nation of thong wearers, Australian feet typically have more spread than other countries, so sometimes imported footwear can simply be too tight. Boots are naturally constricting so if you find that your regular boots chaff and pinch you, or that you see the lines of your socks imprinted on your feet after talking off your boots - we recommend that you switch to a wider width for better blood circulation and a more comfortable, roomy fit.

Buy WOMEN'S Wide Width Boots Online in Australia

Buy WOMEN'S Wide Fitting Boots Online in Australia

Buy MEN'S Wide Width Boots Online in Australia

Buy WOMEN'S Wide Fitting Boots Online in Australia

Buying Wide Calf Boots Online In Australia

It's no wonder that for women, a great pair of tall boots is the most popular choice for winter boots. So, now that you have determined your shoe size and foot width, there is still on every important factor to keep in mind when shopping for your perfect pair of winter boots - calf width. If you have a wider calf or would like a more flexible boot width to tuck in a pair of jeans - then a comfy pair of wide calf boots are a MUST HAVE for you this season.

Buy wide calf boots online in Australia

The Shoe Link offer a range of WIDE CALF boots with a range of fitting adjustments. For a tall or knee high boot the best option is to look for a stretch panel to the rear. This way the elasticated panel will stretch to fit in your jeans, and shrink back when you want to wear them with a pair of tights and a skirt.

Buy Women's Wide Calf Boots Online

Buy Women's Wide Calf Boots Online

Buying Plus-sized Boots Online in Australia

If you are plus sized, you may prefer a wide width and wide calf boot for extra comfort. The Shoe Link stock high quality boots from brands like Planet Shoes and Pure Comfort which feature thick heavy cushioning in the foot-bed to provide superior support and reduce foot fatigue. Investing in a really great quality pair of boots can make a huge difference to your life, especially if you spend long hours on your feet.

Buy Women's Cushioned Boots Online

Buy Comfortable Ladies Boots Online

Buy Men's Cushioned Boots Online

Buy Comfortable Men's Boots Online

Buying Boots Online - Invest In Your Foot Health

Whatever your foot fit, a great pair boots can become your go-to favourite for years to come, so spending a little extra to get a better quality boot is highly recommended. A good quality pair of boots will not just look great. High quality boots offer great arch support, superior cushioning and are made of quality hardwearing materials that are built to last.

Buy Ladies' Boots Online at The Shoe Link

Buy Ladies Boots Online

Buy Men's Boots Online at The Shoe Link

Buy Men's Boots Online

Buying quality footwear with the correct fitting, good heel, ankle and arch support, and underfoot cushioning is not just important, it is absolutely necessary to your future health and wellbeing.

Happy shopping, whatever your fit - we hope you enjoy shopping at The Shoe Link, head over to our store and find your perfect pair!





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