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Posted: Mar 01 2014
by: Rachel Cherry

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Walking with sandals

Picture this, you’re on a dream holiday, with a packed itinerary of beautiful locations to visit and amazing sights to explore – but after walking for just a few minutes your feet begin to hurt and blister from your horribly uncomfortable shoes! There’s nothing worse. Emergency shopping visits suddenly eat into your valuable sight-seeing time and you are left feeling tired, stressed and with foot pain.

But help is at hand from The Shoe Link, here’s the rundown of our most comfortable walking sandals. Whether you need them for a holiday, walking the dog, long summer nights spent on the hop, or simply for your day to day comfort, we have a selection of the best performing walking sandals to rescue your aching feet.

Adventure Walking Sandals – For The Great Explorer

The best sandals for hiking, trekking, exploring and beach walking

If you are planning to spend time off-road trekking through rough terrain, Keen are the sandals for you. With a tough flexible sole that can easily traverse across rocky and slippery surfaces and still provide comfort in the local mall, Keen sandals are a great all-rounder for those who plan to spend time hiking and trekking.


Keen are also the best sandal to wear anywhere around water, from beach walking to boating, or camping to bushland hikes. The toe protection is a must have for active holidays like camping or fishing. Fast draining, and drying and fully washable, Keen active sandals are the best choice for adventure-ready walkers.

For a less rugged version of the all-weather walking sandal, Planet Shoes have a river walker which can be worn in wet environments but is more slimline and lightweight with less protection that the Keen walkers. The Prance walking sandals by Planet are also great for visits to the beach or local water spots.

Cushioned Walking Sandals – For Comfort

The best sandals for holidays and long walks

For dedicated walkers, and those who plan to spend a long time on their feet, Planet Shoes cushioned walking sandals have you covered. Adjustable straps offer a tailored fit, perfect for foot-swell caused by airplanes or those who suffer from swelling and fluid retention in hot weather. Non-abrasive uppers combine with comfy bouncing soles to cushion your every step and make walking long distances effortless.

Planet sandals feature breathable suede leather upper and a rubber outsole for traction and grip with every step. For lightly padded elasticated walkers, Bliver sandals are lightweight, slimline and have a sensible heel height for maximum comfort. Robust leathers and stretchy elastics provide the ultimate fit that stretch, move and bend with your foot.


For a funky approach, without compromising on extreme comfort, choose a style from New Face. Ample leather straps and adjustable buckles meet a heavily cushioned and contoured footbed that offers great support as you walk.

New Face

Fully Adjustable Sandals – For A Perfect Fit

Sandals to relieve foot pain and bunions

If you are prone to getting blisters and find that your feet are ‘fussy’ – then a fitted sandal with Velcro straps is probably best for you. It’s also really great if you can find fully adjustable sandals – with both adjustable ankle and toe straps that can give you a perfectly tailored fit.

Planet Shoes

When your foot is fully secure and there is minimal slippage, you’ll have much less trouble with issues like blisters and heel pain.

Contoured Sandals – For The Best Support

Sandals with the best arch and foot support

A contoured sole also prevents foot slippage and minimises rubbing. Also if your feet tend to pronate (fall inwards) then a sandal with good arch support is a MUST have.

Proper arch support will correct your leaning feet and change your entire stride as you walk. If you plan on doing a lot of walking then arch support is very important.

Fashionable Walking Sandals – Where Style Meets Practicality

Comfortable dress sandals for walking

For those of you who are serious fashionistas, you can have your cake and eat it! Pretty dressy sandals with an assortment of heel heights to match a variety of outfits – and ALL with great walk-a-bility! Look no further than our Taos range. Fully adjustable with support and a contoured footbed and on a low enough wedge to walk the city. Although these are not for serious treks across rugged country, the comfy sandals are great for traversing the city, and looking good doing it!


Slip-On Walking Thongs – Quick on and off

Stylish walking thongs for casual cruisers

So you want some no-fuss funky slides to slip on and go, but the problem is basic plastic thongs are too unforgiving for all day walk-a-thons – what to do? Well here are some much higher quality alternatives that will cradle your feet without sliding and provide you with the perfect cushioning for all that walking you are about to embark on.

These pretty slide shoes are so easy to take off at the beach or at the park, and then slip back on again when you are ready for action.

The Last Word…

So whatever you’re looking for in your perfect walking shoe, at The Shoe Link we’ve got everything you need! So jump on over and have a look at our complete online range of comfy walking sandals and thongs.

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