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Posted: Jun 19 2017
by: Underground media

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Anyone who has spent a few hours on their feet knows how important it is to have comfortable shoes, but what if you have to spend you ENTIRE working day on your feet?! This blog is dedicated to hairdressers, nurses, teachers and anyone who thinks working hard is tough enough, without having to worry about your feet hurting!

We’ve done some testing and investigating and bring to you our latest range of super-comfy stylish options that will leave your feet feeling happy and healthy! We’d love to know what you think of our choices and would love to know what your go-to styles are for surviving a busy and active lifestyle!

Comfortable Work Shoes

Comfortable Flats For Working Women

So let’s face it, cushioned flats are quite often the preferred comfort shoe for workers who love comfort - but wearing unsupportive floppy flats every day is very bad for your feet, and your whole body posture! Here’s our pick of the most stylish and supportive flats that will help your posture and ensure your ankles are pain-free:

Athleisure Footwear: For Active Lifestyles

If you are on the move constantly, you want all the comfort of a sneaker fused with a sleek profile and a smart look - check out our athleisure style work shoes that offer comfort and style, whatever your day holds!

How many steps do you take in a day? These comfy work shoes will ensure you can run around like it’s a breeze:

Comfortable Mary Janes For Women

Classic Mary Janes are perhaps one of the most popular work shoe styles to wear, but don’t put fashion before comfort when you can easily have the best of both worlds! Here’s our pick of the most comfortable AND stylish Mary Jane work shoes.

Comfortable Dress Shoes For Men

Men are often forgotten in the search for comfortable shoes, but we know that men are just as likely to suffer with chaffing and uncomfortable dress shoe choices. Here are some great comfortable dress shoes for men that will look great at the office, and feel great on the move.

Comfortable Heels For Working Women

Heels are so wonderful to wear and can change your whole mood, empowering your step and adding confidence and flare to your style – but not if they’re uncomfortable! Check out our top picks for super cushioned and comfortable heels for work.

Comfortable Work Boots For Women

With the changing of the seasons, it’s all too easy to opt for slouchy and drab footwear when the cold weather sets in. Don’t despair! The Shoe Link have beautifully crafted and comfy boots that will uplift your winter woollies and suit the colder weather.

Comfortable Work Boots For Men

Whether you have an office job or work outdoors, we’ve got a great selection of comfortable work boots for men to match your needs.

So whatever your job, if you want to look great and feel comfortable all day long, shop at The Shoe Link for the most comfortable work shoes around!




  • For everyday comfort & shoes that make you feel good one cannot go past Planet Shoes. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Lovely soft leather & style.

    Their ankle winter boots feel like magic on your feet.

    Posted by Iris de Kiefte on July 21, 2015

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