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Posted: Apr 08 2016
by: Rachel Cherry

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The Shoe Link is now stocking Timberland boots for men and women, at the lowest online prices!

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A Rich History Of Quality Craftsmanship

Timberland didn’t set out to create a new fashion icon. The original yellow boot was first created for a hard working labourer in America’s New England. It was form, function and craftsmanship that inspired Timberland to create its yellow boot, not trends and runways.

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Remaining true to that authenticity was the very ideal that first appealed to the fashion world’s trend setters everywhere. The spiralling success of the simple desert boot quickly grew in favour until it was snapped up to be sold in stores like Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue, this was the beginning of a whole new era of the yellow boot: the boot as a fashion icon.

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Timberland has been making their infamous yellow desert boots for over 40 years, which explains why it is now one of fashions most recognised classics, favoured by everyone from the hottest trend setters to the working man. Both functional and fashionable, the rugged waterproof leather boots are a style icon favourite the world over.

Watch the video: 40 Years Of Timberland Craftmanship
40 Years Of Timberland Craftmanship

In 1973 Timberland created their first every guaranteed waterproof boots. By 1985 Timberland had already sold over one million boots, and sales continued to sky rocket when they were endorsed by infamous rappers, film stars and fashion models.

How To Wear Timberland Boots

Buy Timberland Boots online in Australia Cheap

Today many workers depend and reply on the rugged construction, tough durability and waterproof reliability of Timberland boots, and it doesn’t hurt to look super stylish in the process! But the infamous desert boot is just a small part of what the Timberland brand has grown to offer. Timberland’s rugged styles have also become a must have fashion staple for festival goers and fashionistas alike.

Check out this video which demonstrates how indestructible Timberland boots really are, it’s amazing!

Watch the video: Timberland Boots Are Indestructible
Timberland Boots Are Indestructible

Timberland make leather boots, hiking boots, waterproof boots, and now even sneakers, shoes and sandals in a variety of styles and colours – so there really is something for everyone. Every season Timberland have continued to push the envelope with their styles and colours, you can expect to see versatile designs that can be worn seamlessly both in the city and the great outdoors. Look out for their new rugged sneaker range and cute candy coloured boots for ladies.

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Check out how the classic 6 inch boots look in action:

Watch the video: Styling Timberland Boots
Styling Timberland Boots

So head over to The Shoe Link for the lowest online prices on all your men’s and women’s Timberland styles, we offer FREE Australia wide shipping when you spend over $50.

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