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Posted: Feb 01 2016
by: Rachel Cherry

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The Shoe Link are proud to announce a new focus on our website: SPECIAL SIZES. This area of our website will cater specifically to customers who have special size requirements, such as large, small or wide fitting shoes. Check back regularly to view new arrivals in these areas!

The Importance Of Wearing The Correct Shoe Size

Most people will recall having their feet measured as children. Great care and attention was given to determining the proper shoe size and width, and even posture and foot fall was carefully monitored. However, as adults, most Australians become very lax with their attention to foot care. While many people are guilty of wearing shoes that are a little bit big or a little bit small, the impact that this misjudgement can have on your entire body and wellbeing is rarely recognised.

Research has shown that the majority of adults are wearing shoes that are more than a half size out from their proper size – but what does this mean? Wearing shoes that are too big generally means that the foot is not adequately supported. This may not seem like a big deal at the time, but over the months bad foot posture can affect the position of your entire body and easily contribute to major issues such as lower back pain and ankle pain.

The Importance Of Wearing The Correct Shoe Size

Similarly those who wear shoes that are too small or too tight can cause foot pain and constrict the flow of blood to the extremities. Choosing the correct shoe size is as easy as measuring your feet – everyone is different – and this is why it is imperative to find your unique size and buy shoes which fit you best.

Choose A Good Fitting Shoe

Click here for a complete tutorial on HOW TO MEASURE YOUR FEET, it’s easy!

LARGE Sized Shoes

Do you find it hard to find large fitting shoes that are fashionable, comfortable and offer good support? The Shoe Link strive to find the best shoes in all sizes. Having large feet should not mean that you have less choice in finding your footwear, The Shoe Link strive to offer plus sized shoes across all styles, with big sizes available to both men and women.

In our WOMEN’S LARGE SIZE SHOES area, you will typically find large sized ladies shoes with sizes from size 10 upwards. For MEN’S LARGE SIZED SHOES we will display shoes from size 12 upwards. Customers that require large fitting shoes often also have other special requirement such as needing a wider fit or also requiring the use of special orthotics – you can use the options in our drop down menus on the website to select your exact needs, and achieve your custom fit!

Large Sized Women’s Shoes
Large Sized Men’s Shoes

If you require particular assistance with a special need for your fitting requirements, or have questions regarding shoes sizes, our helpful customer service representative will be more than happy to discuss with you in person. You can contact us during business hours on 1 300 837 003.

SMALL Sized Shoes

For those that have smaller feet, we are here to help too! The Shoe Link offer a range of small fitting shoes for both men and women. For WOMEN’S SMALL SIZED SHOES we display sizes 5 – 6 and for MEN’S SMALL SIZED SHOES we will display sizes 7 – 8. We have a range of styles from small sized dress shoes to small sized sneakers and also offer orthotic friendly footwear and wide fitting shoes in the smaller sizes.

Small Sized Women’s Shoes
Small Sized Men’s Shoes

Wide Fitting Shoes

Many Australians typically require a wider fitting shoe, but often they make do with shoes that are too narrow for their feet, resulting in blisters, pinching and a generally uncomfortable day. If you can’t wait to kick off your shoes at the end of the day, then ask yourself, are your shoes comfortable? If you are unsure of whether you need wide fitting shoes, we recommend measuring your feet. The Shoe Link offer WIDE fitting shoes in many different sizes and styles.

Women’s Wide Fitting Shoes
Men’s Wide Fitting Shoes

So no matter what your shoe size, we have the perfect shoe for you! Shop now at The Shoe Link, and find your perfect fit!




  • I find different brands have different sizes. Are you able to have the different brands with a shoe size cutout. People can print it out check the size and order accordingly. Some shoes I take are 9.5, then it’s either a 10 or 11. I only buy Planet shoes as they are comfortable. I also have a broad foot, so boots don’t fit my big foot.

    Posted by Janine on February 11, 2016
  • Some time ago, I bought from you a pair of Marie Tan sandals for my sister, who takes AU5 size. This is a very hard size to find. They fit her in length, but she would like them to be wider. Is it possible to find AU5 size sandals that are wider?
    Thank you very much. I have bought many sandals from you and I think The Shoe Link is wonderful !!

    Posted by Sr Maria Bailes on January 21, 2016

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