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Posted: Jun 22 2017
by: Underground media

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It's difficult to find good orthotic friendly shoes in Australia. Orthotic friendly shoes can cover a range of needs, from in built orthotics like arch support fully removable inner sole/foot-bed to suit store bought or custom made orthotic insole inserts. The Shoe Link is the best place to buy orthotic shoes in Australia, whatever the orthotic style you require, we have the solution.

Orthotic-friendly Work Shoes For Women

If you are searching for orthopaedic shoes for work, The Shoe Link is the best online place to buy in Australia! We have a number of brands which offer orthotic footwear in a variety of great work styles.

Via Nova Lite shoes have fully removable foot beds to take a custom built or store bought orthotics, Via Nova Lite shoes come with existing inserts that offer a fully contoured and padded insole for those who just want supreme cushioned comfort all day long.

Orthotic Friendly Work Shoes For Men

For those doing heavy duty outdoor work, the importance of great foot support and cushioning is tenfold. Reducing the impact of your workload on your feet is of paramount importance. Grab yourself a pair of orthotic friendly safety boots with a fully removable foot-bed to cushion, cradle and support your every step.

Orthotic Friendly Safety & Steel Toe Cap Work Boots & Shoes

You can insert store bought innersoles for extra firm cushioning, arch support and to make your boots wear for longer. If you have special footwear needs like wide feet, bunions, or plantar fasciitis then you may have custom built orthotics inserted for a perfectly customised fit.

Orthotic Friendly Office & Casual Shoes For Men

Spending all day on your feet? Do you have a job that requires you to move around a lot? Well then it is of paramount importance that your footwear offers arch support and cushioning.

Orthotic Insoles for Men & Women

Consider a pair of store bought insole inserts to provide a more cushioned and comfy step, greatly improve your posture as well as absorbing impact to your joints and ankles.

VIA NOVA LITE: Ladies Orthotic Work Shoes For Any Job

Via Nova Lite offer a variety of Orthotic work shoe styles, from heeled mary-janes to classic flat mary janes, pretty slips ones as well as full coverage breathable leather shoes.

Via Nova Lite also offer the Annabel, a fully enclosed comfort shoe featuring a special neoprene upper which stretches to accommodate any foot problems like hammertoe and bunions.

SAND DUNE: The Healthier Choice

What kind of shoes are you wearing right now? Do they offer good support, cushioned innersoles and a design that won't squash or inhibit your feet? People often wear shoes with little thought to the impact on their feet, but your feet take the weight of your entire body, day after day.

Don't wait to feel pain before you switch to quality footwear, make a healthy footwear choice today and feel the benefits for years to come! To find out more about the full impact of bad foot wear, check out our blog for Sand Dune shoes here.

ACO: Orthotic Comfort Every Day

Aco offer beautiful leather shoes and sandals with supreme comfort. Aco shoes feature stylish, soft supple and rich leathers and cushioned foot-beds. Aco shoes are from Portugal and are made to exacting standards with intricate details to entice your mood.

MERRELL: Orthotic Outdoor Hiking Shoes

Get outside in rugged orthotic friendly hiking shoes and boots, lightweight running. Merrell has been a top provider of orthopaedic performance footwear, giving you what you need to combat the elements and conquer your summits. Merrell has a storied history of creating the confidence to head outdoors and go seek and do.

Through durable, superb-quality footwear and apparel, we take our design and innovation seriously. Supporting you every step of the way, Merrell always aim to provide comfort, out-of-the-box fit, and style for every hike, r un and ramble that you pursue outside.

PURE COMFORT: Extra Wide, Adjustable Comfort Shoes

Pure Comfort shoes are as they sound, extremely comfortable! However this brand of footwear is perfect for people with problem feet that require extra options when fitting shoes.

Pure Comfort footwear offers extra wide fitting options that can be even further extended by removing the foot bed. Fully orthotic friendly, these shoes are great for people who suffer with hammertoe, bunions, plantar fasciitis and other common foot ailments. View the entire range here.


NEW BALANCE: Orthotic Running Shoes For Men & Women

New Balance footwear also offers cutting edge technology that will keep your feet healthy by reducing impact and adding support.

New Balance is also ideal as this brand offers half sizes and comes in a variety of widths, so you can get the perfect fit for you. Visit The Shoe Link to buy New Balance in a range of sizes (including half sizes) from US6 to US 14 and widths from narrow to 6E fitting.

SAUCONY: Orthotic Running Shoes For Men & Women

Many Saucony sneakers are also orthotic-friendly. This means that the running shoes actually provide key support needed by the foot, which can be used to relieve or correct orthopedic problems.

Because of this, it is very possible for orthopedic patients to run without worrying about their problem getting worse. For sure, there are many runners who have this problem and really benefit a lot from this feature.


So hopefully we have offered you so valuable insights to assist in your choice of footwear!

The Shoe Link believe that hard working people need hardworking shoes to offer great support and comfort when you need it most.

You can shop all of our styles and fashions at The Shoe Link website. Or visit our site to join our mailing list for exclusive weekly offers and discounts on all our best-selling brands or get specialist advice and a whole heap of brands and styles to choose from.




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