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Posted: Apr 12 2018
by: Rachel Cherry

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Investing In Quality Boots

The Shoe Link know that it's this time of year that many of our customers have trouble finding good fitting foot wear, especially boots. Many of the fashion boots available in the local outlets are poorly made, and although they may offer a great deal they will not be good to your feet or your posture.

Happy Feet - The Importance of Cushioning & Arch Support

A good quality pair of boots will offer great arch support, superior cushioning and be hard-wearing. If you suffer from any kind of foot problem such as over-pronation, foot pain, bunions etc, then a well cushioned comfortable boot is an absolute MUST, your feet will thank you! Buying quality footwear with the correct fitting, good heel, ankle and arch support, and underfoot cushioning is not just important, it is absolutely necessary to your future health and wellbeing.

Check out the latest boots from Planet Shoes and Earth, for an example of boots that have great support and cushioning:

Buy cushioned supportive boots at The Shoe Link Australia

Wide Fitting Boots - A Wider Foot-bed

Where to find women's boots with a wider foot-bed for a more comfortable, wider fit?

Many Australian's have a wider foot, but for some reason not many brands cater to the wider foot bed requirement when it comes to boots. Boots with a wider foot bed are also favoured by people who suffer from bunions, hammertoe or those with flat spread feet. If you are searching to buy the best wide fitting boots online, The Shoe Link have you covered.

Buy Women's Wide Fitting Boots at The Shoe Link
Buy Men's Wide Fitting Boots at The Shoe Link Australia

For this reason, The Shoe Link have compiled a small selection of our best-selling wide fitting boots, that are tried, tested and loved by our customers!

Tall & Mid-Calf Ladies Boots

Tall & Mid-Calf boots are a winter staple, they keep your legs warmer and can look super stylish worn with dresses or pants. The following selection of boots have a comfortable medium-width shaft and also feature soft breathable rich leathers that stretch naturally to the shape of your body over time. The foot beds have been optimised to cradle the foot, giving extra support and cushioning and reduce shock.

Buy Ladies' tall & mid-calf boots at The Shoe Link Australia

Orthotic friendly boots

Where to buy orthotic friendly boots, for a better fit? Need a pair of quality winter boots that are orthotic friendly? We've got you covered! These boots can fulfil all your needs and have you jumping for joy in no time - with superior shock absorption. The removable foot-beds can accommodate custom made orthotics for those who need a tailored solution.

Orthotic Friendly Boots for Women

Buy orthotic friendly boots for women at The Shoe Link Australia

Orthotic Friendly Boots for Men

Whether you require orthotic friendly work boots, safety boots or causal boots, The Shoe Link have a style for every requirement.

Buy orthotic friendly boots for men at The Shoe Link Australia

Finding your perfect fit

So whether you want wide calf boots, orthotic friendly boots or simply like browsing the latest styles, The Shoe Link have something for even the most fastidious buyer.




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