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Posted: May 11 2016
by: Dita Giancoulidis

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Winter Work Wear & Apparel from Caterpillar

Keep warm this winter with CAT rugged workwear and durable clothing. Built to be hard wearing, warm and comfy - you'll be thankful of the extra insulation on the cold winter mornings!

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At The Shoe Link, we believe that looking after your feet should come first, with paramount importance placed on a quality pair of protective boots or shoes to get you safely through the task at hand. Visit our Work Boots & Shoes For Every Task blog to find out more about the importance of choosing the right footwear for the job.

Caterpillar Coats & Jackets

The Caterpillar Insulated Parka: Keep out the cold winter elements with the Caterpillar Heavy Insulated Parka jacket. When you're outdoors, this heavy insulated parka will keep your body warm.

The Caterpillar Insulated Parka features a zip-off hood for convenience plus toasty microfleece lining to the hood, the special hand-warmer pockets and the collar. The reflective taping provides visibility in low light, and quick access to the inner mobile phone pocket means you won't miss those all-important calls.

Buy Caterpillar Jackets Online in Australia

Want a more casual look? This extra padded, hooded Active Work Jacket from Caterpillar offers warmth and superior comfort with a soft fleecy insulation and smooth lining.

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Caterpillar Insulated Vests

Keep your core warm with a great range of Caterpillar insulated vests. Choose from the Hooded Work Vests for everyday wind protection, to the Arctic Zone or Instigator vests for that extra warm feeling when the wind bites hard.

Buy Caterpillar Vests Online in Australia

Caterpillar Hoodies & Sweats

Keep warm and look stylish with Caterpillar's range of quality thick fleecy sweats and hoodies. Caterpillar are well known for producing high quality tough durable work apparel, but the Caterpillar brand casual wear is manufactured to an equally high standard. Choose from a range of iconic CAT logo styles. The Shoe Link offer huge discounts on Caterpillar apparel at prices that just can't be beaten, so stock up on your favourite styles and look your best this winter.

Buy Caterpillar Vests Online in Australia

Caterpillar Work Pants

Tackle any task in your rugged Caterpillar work pants. The Caterpillar Denim Work Jeans are abrasion resistant and stitched to last. The tough denim jeans are perfect for your grubby DIY tasks, car repair, garden work and everything in between. These jeans are functional, look great and can go the distance.

Buy Caterpillar men's pants online in Australia

Choose the Caterpillar Machine Pants for the same protection and a light airy feel for warmer weather. These pants have extra stretch and are more breathable for the warmer months. For complete freedom in the warmest weather, the Machine Shorts and rugged utility shorts are your best bet.

Buy Caterpillar men's pants online in Australia

For your perfect light weight pants that will withstand hard jobs, choose the Caterpillar Ripstop Pant range. Designed to perform in the warmest climates and demanding conditions, CAT fabric technology creates lightweight and breathable garments with reinforced construction for maximum strength.

Buy Caterpillar men's pants online in Australia

Caterpillar Everyday Denim

Check out the great range of designer jeans and chinos by Caterpillar for effortless style at a fraction of the price of other retail stores. Chose from original, skinny or slim jeans to find your perfect fit. Don't forget to look after your feet with some protective footwear, after all - you use them every day and want your feet to feel good for many years to come!

Buy Caterpillar men's pants online in Australia

Caterpillar Casual Shirts

Nothing looks warmer than the hugely popular plaid shirt - also affectionately known as the beloved Aussie 'flannel'. These stylish checked shirts by Caterpillar are comfy, and warm and come in a variety of bold colour combos. If checked shirts aren't you thing, Caterpillar have a range of plain denim button shirts too!

Buy Caterpillar men's shirts online in Australia

Caterpillar Accessories: Socks and Caps

Investing in a good pair of quality work boots or shoes is probably the MOST important choice you can make this winter, but choosing some high quality soft, breathable work socks is pretty important too. If you're outside, don't forget to wear a hat to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays!

Buy Caterpillar men's accessories online in Australia

Shop at The Shoe Link for the lowest prices on our huge range of Caterpillar boots, shoes and apparel this winter!




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