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Posted: Apr 12 2018
by: Rachel Cherry

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Valentines Day

Ahhh Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s time is nearly upon us…

You could be planning to step out in style and have a romantic dinner with a loved one, spend some quality time with a relative or the family, or even share a hot slice of pizza with your Bestie!

Whatever your plans, we have the shoes to make your evening a memorable one. In fact, with our special gift card, you can even give the perfect pair of shoes to a special someone and let them know you care.

If you’re lacking in inspiration, check out these gorgeous Valentine inspired shoe picks:

Valentines Day

If you’re looking for a touch of glam with a serving of WOW, Lipstik shoes are for you. Lipstik Shoes are not only in step with the latest fashion but are also made of high quality materials so they can withstand all that you throw at them - including long nights on the dance floor!

Valentines Day

Make a lasting impression with Siren shoes. Siren offer shoes that are glamorous and seductive. The Siren woman is strong, confident & decidedly sexy. Always at the forefront of ‘on trend’ fashion, creating the look that other girls aspire to!

Valentines Day

Piccadilly shoes are made in Brazil and have an edgy put-together look. Check out the stunning ankle boots for a magnificent metamorphosis! Transform into a captivating creature in these gorgeous zip-up boots that can dress up a pair of jeans or flatter a chic mini-dress.

Let’s not forget the men! We know that men need to make a good impression too, and there is a lot to be said about the old proverb ‘you can judge a man by his shoes’. Smart shoes are a must for that special dinner date, when you want to make a good impression. It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing shirt in the world, if you have bad shoes, you might as well arrive in your greasy overalls.

Valentines Day

So whether for the office or for that special dinner, get into a pair of high-quality shoes and wait for the compliments to roll in! Julius Marlow shoes are all about quality, quality, quality. It’s better to have one or two pairs of good shoes that will last a long time than to have ten pairs of cheap-looking bargain brands. The Crystal Sole technology allows Julius Marlow shoes to outlast regular dress shoes while providing extreme flexibility, extra wide fitting available for greater ease and comfort, a removable Latex innersole and padded full grain leather for breathability and lightness.

Find these great shoes and lots lots more online at The Shoe Link.


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