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Posted: Jan 01 2015
by: Rachel Cherry

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Foot Measuring charts & help to get it right first time!

One of the most important things to remember when buying shoes online is choosing the correct WIDTH. It is true that most people know their size but often have trouble when it comes to choosing width. Namely, hundreds of people are walking around in footwear that doesn't really fit well due to poor choices and lack of information when choosing shoes. So, The Shoe Link are here to help you measure your feet and determine your best shoe width!

Measuring Your Foot Width

Following are the steps to how to measure your feet size:

  • Lay some white paper down on a hard surfaced floor.
  • Place your foot on the paper ensuring you are wearing socks of medium thickness.
  • Holding a pencil vertically put a little mark where your heel ends on the paper.
  • Then put another mark where your longest toe ends.
  • Mark each side of your foot at its widest points.
  • Repeat this for your other foot.
  • To find your width, measure the marks for the widest part of your foot and use the size table.
  • If your measurements are between two sizes, or you find one foot's measurement larger than the other, always move up to the larger size.

Sizing Guide (Width)

What width are you?

  • Usually, the standard Men's width fitting is E and for Women, the standard width is C.
  • If you have trouble with your foot moving around for side to side or coming off your feet too easily, then you should consider selecting a narrower width.
  • If your feet seem "between" sizes and you cannot decide which size to select, we can advise you of the best fit for the particular brand you are looking at, just contact us directly for advice.
  • Since your feet can swell during the day, it is best if you try shoes and measure your feet later in the day (when your feet are at their largest.)

Width designators

Just like people, feet come in all different shapes. Because shoes that fit better perform better, at The Shoe Link we also provide information about shoes' width. We stock shoes from Narrow (B width) to extra extra wide width (4E).

There are different methods indicating the width. The measured width is assigned a letter (or combination of letters), which is taken from a table (indexed to length and width) or just assigned on an ad-hoc basis. Examples include (each starting with the narrowest width):

  • 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E, 6E (variant North American)
  • N(narrow), M(medium), W(wide), XW(extra wide), XXW(extra extra wide)

The exact foot width for which these sizes are suitable can vary significantly between manufacturers. The A-E width indicators are used by most US and some UK shoe manufacturers.

Men's Shoes Widths

D E 2E 3E 4E

Women's Shoes Widths

B C D-E 2E-3E 4E

Shoe Width Chart – Girth Measurement at the Ball of the Foot

The girth measurements displayed on a shoe width chart is typically the measurement at the ball of the foot (the widest part of the foot). It is recommended that the girth is measured using a flexible measuring tape.

The following shoe width chart provides generic girth measurements at the ball of the foot and has been provided for women, men and kids. This shoe width chart needs to be read in conjunction with the relevant shoe size charts to determine the approximate shoe size.

Women's Width Shoe Chart – Metric

All Measurements in millimeters (mm)

Womens Foot Length Womens Wide Shoes Girth Measurements in Millimeters (mm)
202 175 181 187 194 200 206 213 219 225
206 178 184 191 197 203 210 216 222 229
210 181 187 194 200 206 213 219 225 232
214 184 191 197 203 210 216 222 229 235
219 191 197 203 210 216 222 229 235 241
223 194 200 206 213 219 225 232 238 244
231 197 203 210 216 222 229 235 241 248
236 200 206 213 219 225 232 238 244 251
240 206 213 219 225 232 238 244 251 257
244 210 216 222 229 235 241 248 254 260
248 213 219 225 232 238 244 251 257 264
252 216 222 229 235 241 248 254 260 267
257 222 229 235 241 248 254 260 267 273
261 225 232 238 244 251 257 264 270 276
265 229 235 241 248 254 260 267 273 279
269 232 238 244 251 257 264 270 276 283
274 235 241 248 254 260 267 273 279 286

Shop Women's Wide Size Shoes

Once you have accurately measured your shoe width, it's time to head over the The Shoe Link to find your perfect fitting pair of shoes. We have a great selection of ladies shoes that come in wide, extra wide and even sizes so wide they are off the chart!

Ladies Wide Dress & Casual Shoes

There is no reason for your smart office shoes to be any less comfortable than your favourite sneakers. Shop online for a range of comfortable ladies work shoes in wide fittings.

Pumps at The Shoe Link
Pumps at The Shoe Link
Pumps at The Shoe Link
Wide wedges at The Shoe Link
Wide wedges at The Shoe Link
Wide wedges at The Shoe Link

Ladies Wide Runners/Sneakers

It is most important to get great fitting runners/sports shoes, after all these are the shoes that have to be the most comfy when you are pushing your hardest! The Shoe Link have a fantastic selection of wide and extra wide runners from brands like Reebok, New Balance and Skechers. Choose from some great funky colours and styles, so you can look your best while feeling your best in the perfect fitting runners.



Ladies Wide Walking Shoes

Whether you are walking the dog at the beach, walking your local park trails or plan to do some long distance hiking – it's important to select the right footwear for the job. We recommend a walking shoe that can withstand the impact of a varied terrain. The Shoe Link have a range of wide fitting walking shoes that are specially designed for wide and extra wide feet.


Ladies Narrow Sized Shoes

For those of you that require a narrow fitting shoe, we have not forgotten you! Have a look at these gorgeous shoes for a range of activities that would suit a narrow foot.


Men's Width Shoe Chart – Metric

All Measurements in millimeters (mm)

AU/UK EU US (cm)
4 36 5 22.5
4.5 36.5 5.5 23
5 37 6 23.5
5.5 38 6.5 24.1
6 39 7 24.6
6.5 40 7.5 24.8
7 40.5 8 25.4
7.5 41 8.5 25.7
8 42 9 25.8
8.5 42.5 9.5 26.7
9 43 10 27
9.5 43.5 10.5 27.3
10 44 11 27.8
10.5 44.5 11.5 28.3
11 45 12 28.6
11.5 45.5 12.5 29
12 46 13 29.4
13 47 14 30.2

Shop Men's Wide Size Shoes

If you are having trouble finding stylish fashionable shoes for your wide feet – look no further! We believe that wide fitting shoes do not have to look like boring medical style shoes! The Shoe Link offer a range of affordable shoes for men in a range of fittings. Check out our site frequently for updated styles and colours as we are constantly adding new stock.

Men's Wide Dress & Casual Shoes

If you need office shoes with a wider fit, then we can recommend our best Italian brand Sapatoterapia buy online with us for the best low price on these gorgeous Italian designer shoes. Sapatoterapia offer a range of stylish comfortable leather shoes that are hand crafted so that are comfy from the first day of wear and don't need to be 'broken in'. Check out all our mens' office shoes for wide feet.


Mens' Narrow/Wide Runners

This is just a small selection of mens' running shoes ranging from narrow to 4E to 6E widths. Join our mailing list for specials on all the best running shoes including top brands in wider sizes.


Children's Width Shoe Chart – Metric

Child's Foot Length Children Wide Shoes Girth Measurements in Millimeters (mm)
Narrow Medium Wide
138 133 140 149
147 137 146 152
155 140 149 156
164 143 152 159
168 146 156 162
172 149 159 165
176 152 162 168
181 159 165 171
185 162 168 178
189 165 171 181
193 168 175 184
197 175 184 191
202 178 187 194
206 181 191 197
210 184 194 200
214 191 200 206
219 194 203 210
223 197 206 213
231 200 210 216
236 203 213 219

Shop Kid's Wide Size Shoes

Your children can run circles around you, so with kid's being so much more active, it's vital to get the right fit every time. Encourage healthy walking patterns and foot posture for your child by making sure the width fits well. Seeking out wide and extra wide shoes does not have to a be a chore though! Here's a selection of wide fitting shoes for kids that can be ordered online and sent right to your door step. We also offer free shipping for orders over $40 and returns up to 14 days if the shoes are not the perfect fit, so why trudge round the shops for hours with the kids in toe when you can order everything online with just a few clicks!

Kids' Wide Fitting School Shoes

We can help you to select from our range of black and brown school shoes for boys and for girls that come in a wide fitting. Most of our shoes are for young adults so are often found in the adult sections of our site, although they come in smaller sizes.

Boys Wide Fitting School Shoes (Black & Brown)


Girls Wide Fitting School Shoes (Black & Brown)


Kids' Narrow/ Wide size Sneakers

Available in blacks or whites, these sneakers are perfect for school, sports or outdoor activities!



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