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Posted: May 18 2013
by: Rachel Cherry

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Continuing on our celebration for Brazilian footwear Brands – Piccadilly are a well-known Brazilian brand who are renowned for their fashionable footwear that is specifically designed with comfort and superior quality in mind. Piccadilly offers a wide selection of fashionable boots, heels, wedges, flats, therapeutic footwear, and more.

Every detail of a Piccadilly shoe is enhanced, from the supportive cushioning of the foot bed to the soft anti-bacterial inner linings. Piccadilly have improved upon every detail! For this reason, you will immediately notice the difference when you put on a Piccadilly shoe, and those who invest in a pair often return to buy more – the proof is in the COMFORT!

Have a look at all the different features applied to the average Piccadilly shoe:


Designed for busy women, Piccadilly offer a wide range of high fashion styles which have been maximised for extra comfort, high heels, sleek wedges, ballet flats and sandals can often be uncomfortable, poorly made or lacking support – Piccadilly have raised the bar by optimising each style for durability, comfort and superior quality, true to their moniker "Piccadilly Shoes. A New Woman” – this is how you feel when wearing Piccadilly shoes!

Check out the whole range of comfortable footwear designed by Piccadilly at The Shoe Link:


With more than fifty years in the footwear market, Piccadilly is the sales leader in Brazil and exports to more than eighty countries worldwide. This is a result of commitment and research that Piccadilly have put in to develop a revolutionary therapeutic comfort technology called MaxiTherapy.

Piccadilly Shoes - MAXITHERAPY

Piccadilly MaxiTherapy is an exclusive technology that consists of a mesh of super flexible bio fibre that is located in the insole and is activated by body heat.

The insole emits long infrared rays that are absorbed by the water molecules which make up 70% of the human body, this in turn stimulates all our bodily functions. This system energises the metabolism, increases mobility, and aids in healing muscular pains. The more you use them, the better you will feel!

Watch this informative short clip to see how your body can benefit from the MaxiTherapy range:


MaxiTherapy represents the very latest in therapeutic comfort technology for the feet. Piccadilly shoes are unique, in that they are not only fashionable, but have unsurpassable comfort and quality.


It is true to say that Piccadilly shoes represent the very best in footwear for well-being.

Shop Piccadilly’s MaxiTherapy range at The Shoe Link.

For those who enjoy travelling, Piccadilly bring you the Folding Boot, a fashionable over the knee boot, made from soft, a flexible material with memory that allows the folding of the boot, without harming its original shape. Practical, these boots take little room, and can fold to fit into the smallest of places, like in your handbag. This is a great option for travelling!


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