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Posted: Aug 30 2016
by: Underground media

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GROSBY SLIPPERS online in Australia

Grosby slippers are renowned for their comfort, support and sleek looks. It's the luxuriously soft velvety fabrics and smooth slip-on styles which define Grosby slippers as the smarter choice for fashion-conscious lounge lizards.

GROSBY SLIPPERS: Impeccable Timeless Style

For men, Grosby offer a great range of slick styles including the ANTON and wrap-over THURSTON slippers which both feature a stylish pinstripe in khaki and grey tones. The PERCY and RICHARD styles offer lush slip-on comfort with elasticated sides to ensure a snug fit that will stay put when walking.

GROSBY SLIPPERS online in Australia

The outsole found on all Grosby slippers offers both flexibility and traction, and are hard wearing enough to stand the test of time without falling apart or becoming mis-shapen.

The perfect gift for Father's Day, giving Grosby slippers also make a useful and thoughtful gift on any occasion.

GROSBY slippers online in Australia

ADJUSTABLE SLIPPERS: Perfect for swollen feet or those with foot problems

Grosby offer a great range of slippers with adjustable Velcro straps, perfect for the elderly or anyone who has swollen feet or is having foot surgery. Adjustable Velcro ensures that the slippers will stay securely on the foot and not slip about while walking, essential for the elderly or anyone who cannot feel their feet and need additional assurance of stability when walking.

Adjustable slippers for ladies in Australia

GROSBY SLIPPERS: The best slippers for pregnancy

The Lilian is also a great slipper for pregnant ladies who often suffer from swollen feet and struggle to wear their usual shoes during pregnancy. An adjustable slipper is perfect to accommodate the differences in foot swell throughout the pregnancy - whilst also looking smart and glamourous!

The best slippers for swollen feet

DIABETIC SLIPPERS: The best slippers for diabetes sufferers

With a fully open top section, the Francis slippers can accommodate all foot shapes even severely swollen feet. The Lilian slipper offers a more subtle version for women, with adjustability for women who have wide feet, a high arch, foot problems or very swollen/enlarged feet. Velcro straps can secure the slipper in place at the perfect adjustable width for maximum comfort.

The Francis slipper is also the best diabetic slipper, as it accommodates even the most swollen feet and swollen ankles in fabulous comfort. It's a really great choice for those suffering with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes and podiatry or any kind of foot problems.

These slippers are terrific for those with arthritis, lowered hand dexterity as they are SO EASY to put on. Alternatively, these slippers can be worn by anyone simply requiring a little extra width and comfort.

Diabetic slippers online in Australia

LUXURIOUS velour slippers: The perfect gift for Mum

If you want the perfect stylish slimline velvet slipper, look no further than Grosby's range of pretty slip-ons for ladies.

Offering a slim line look these pretty slippers are comfortable and ultra-stylish, Grosby's styles are the perfect hybrid slipper/shoe for everyday indoor comfort. Choose from a variety of slipper styles including the iconic slip-on, adjustable Velcro, elasticated upper and contoured ballet flat, there's a perfect style to fit every foot type!

Grosby ladies slippers online in Australia

SLIPPERS: Find your perfect fit

So whatever your fitting requirements, Grosby have your perfect fit - treat yourself or a loved one to a plush quality pair of slippers today and bring a smile to their face - and a spring in their step!

So don't forget - bedroom or house slippers make an ideal gift for home care, hospital or nursing home settings.

GROSBY SLIPPERS online in Australia




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