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Posted: Jan 12 2017
by: Underground media

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Holster is Australia's leading jellies footwear brand based in beautiful Noosa Beach, Australia.

Holster 01

Holster design innovative women's and children's footwear covering you for the beach and beyond.

Holster are passionate about lifestyle and environment and want to offer a taste of the Australian way of life through their jellies.

Holster 02

The Holster shoe is of superior quality and is adorned with striking embellishments whilst constructed with a unique focus on detail. The holster woman is an ethereal mix of down-to-earth glamour, beach-side romanticism and someone who smiles with the world; never taking life too seriously.

Holster 03

You would think that Holster's amazing range of beautiful shoes were a fashion product only. But the extensive list of features and benefits will astound you!

Holster 04

Holster footwear is incredibly functional – they can see you through a day at the beach to sunset drinks at that hot new cocktail bar. Holster jellies are also far superior to other brands due to the injected PVC foot-bed, which makes them super cushioned and incredibly easy to wear.

Holster 05

Holster only A-grade jewels, studs and embellishments to add that essential sparkle. Dress them up or down, Holster sandals will never cease to dazzle!

Holster 06


  • Holster styles offer greater foot support than flat-soled shoes, and are also podiatrist-endorsed.
  • Holster jellies are odour resistant.
  • Holster jelly shoes are classified as a recyclable material.
  • All Holster shoes are cruelty-free and devoid of animal products, making them vegan friendly.
  • Holster jellies can be cleaned with mild soap and water, making them some of the lowest care footwear around!
  • All shoe boxes, tissue paper and brand cards are made from recycled materials.
  • Holster utilises REACH compliant PVC. This means they do not use toxic PVC in their shoes. By wearing Holsters, you can breathe easy that you are not exposing yourself or your children to toxins and chemicals used in other non-compliant footwear.
Holster 07

Holster footwear features a unique fragrance! This particular aroma will only last a few weeks, much like the smell of new leather shoes.

Holster 08

A common design feature of the Holster flat shoes is the horseshoe sole and under-heel air pocket. This is far more supportive than a completely flat design. The padded foot-bed ensures you're still as comfortable as possible, and do not experience foot-slip or foot-rub common to inferior brands.

Holster 09


Take your sneaker game up a notch in Holster's new street-style icon, the Jetsetter. Shimmering metallic uppers and super soft soles are made for high impact – for the eyes and the feet!

Holster 10

So what are you waiting for?

Based at beautiful Noosa Beach, Holster embodies the idyllic lifestyle – holidays by the water, long hot summers and cool seaside sundowners.

Holster 11

Join the Holster trend and "make every day a holiday with Holster".




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