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Price Guarantee

  • • The exact same style, size and colour of the item in question must be in stock and available for immediate purchase at the other website for the refund to be honoured.
  • • Our price guarantee offer applies to the same product found on Australian websites only, and only to legitimate, factory authorized sellers for that product.
  • • Shipping & handling or processing fees and GST (if any) must be included in the total cost when determining a price difference.
  • • Price guarantee refunds are only available on items once you have purchased your item(s) from The Shoe Link.
  • • You must make your claim within 7 days of your purchase.
  • • Price guarantee is limited to 3 claims per customer.
  • • The other website cannot be an auction site (eg Ebay).
  • • This offer does not apply to multiple or group sales.
  • • Promo codes or other discounts from the other website will not be included in determining the price difference.
  • • Price Guarantee applies to items for which no other offer, promotion or incentive from The Shoe Link has been utilized or accepted by customer.
  • • We will not honour email price matches.
  • • Multiple pair discounts such as "Buy One, Get 2nd Pair at half Price" sales will not be included in determining the price difference.
  • • Offer excludes special promotions such as rebate offers, coupon offers, quantity discounts, special orders or membership discounts.
  • • The Shoe Link must be able to confirm the lower price offered from the alternate website, and unconfirmed prices will not be honoured.
  • • We do not offer price guarantees for the same item found on any international websites.
  • • The Shoe Link reserves the final right to best determine eligibility for this Price Guarantee.
  • • Our price guarantee is subject to change without prior notice.

To receive your price guarantee refund:

  • 1. You must first make a purchase on The Shoe Link website.
  • 2. Send an email to and include the following information:

    • • Your purchase order number.
    • • The URL (web site address) of the site where you found the lower advertised price.
    • • Specify the lower price listed on the other site, together with applicable shipping & handling charges and GST.